Flei Yung Collection March Pop-Up Shops | @FLEIYUNG


The homies over at Flei Yung are holding two special pop-up shop in March. The first is tonight and the second is on the 23rd. If you’re in town, be sure to check it out and support quality out here. Peep the info on the flyer above.

New Video: Kevin Bene “Suit & Tie” (Cover) | @KevBene @JTimberlake @S_C_ @Timbaland


It was only a matter of time before my friend Kevin Bene did this. Watch as he covers Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie”. In case you haven’t seen how he works before, he builds and recreates the track, then improvises over it…all in one take, which is very dope. Check it out below.

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New Music: CHIP$ – Bitch | @FUCKCHIPS @i_am_J_U_S

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Happy to hear that the homie Chip$ is back home. Hitting the ground running, he releases a new track titled ‘Bitch’ from his new mixtape Porch Monkey. Turn this up.

New Music: Chavis Chandler – BRIDGECARDRAPS | @ChavisChandler

Another artist that I’m really enjoying listening to is Chavis Chandler. He recently released his latest project BRIDGECARDRAPS, a dope mix of tracks showcasing his talent. Expect to hear a lot more from Chavis in the near future.Download BRIDGECARDRAPS in its entirety here.

New Video: Via Marz – What You Got 4 Me | @supakaine @pradakingvm @juicejonesvm @lanoprosvm

Out of the young artists coming out of Detroit, these guys are a favorite of mine. Meant to post it last week, but better late than never. Their new project Talking In Cursive will be hosted by DJ Mo Beatz and dropping sometime this Winter.

New Post: 5:03 A.M.

sooooooooooo……………….CAN I TALK MY SHIT AGAIN?!

Man…………………………. how do I start this one?

Well first off, shout-out to everyone that read the last 5:03, commented, liked it on facebook, etc. I appreciate that. Sometimes I feel as if these words go unnoticed…but believe me, they are seen

To all of you back at school right now….whether it’s high school, college, whatever you all are doing stay positive out there…stay focused and do well…

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New Post: The Pied Piper In Detroit | @RKelly

Over the weekend, I got a call from my dog Phil Pirkovic that was pretty much telling me to meet him at the Fox Theater is 30 minutes. I thought about it for about 45 seconds, then Click Here To Continue Reading…

New Post: #saturDAZE

Over the weekend I made my way to Grand Rapids with my little bro Rodney. My youngin Adeshola told me he put together a dope party titled #saturDAZE with his crew and that he was DJing…. I had to partake. Grand Rapids is definitely a dope spot downtown and holds a special place in my heart for the moment. Before the party, I had to hit up Click Here To Continue Reading…

New Post: Hail To The Tailgates

Sidebar: So I haven’t made a post since my last tailgate post from East Lansing….I’ll get back to more very soon….I promise. Anyways, yesterday I made my way to Ann Arbor with Phil and Saso for the Click Here To Continue Reading…

New Post: 808s and Tailgates

Tailgating was never a strong suit of mine. I started off my college journey at Click Here To Continue Reading…