New Post: 5:03 A.M.

it’s been a while………had a 5:03 lined up for my birthday, but there was too much going on for me to get back and give my true thoughts

shout-out to Waxx and Carson…let’s kill shit out here!

It’s 70 fuckin degrees in March….that’s crazy as fuck.

I’m not mad at this Wiz tape right now….been listening to it the whole night…

we think linearly in this life…and life isn’t linear….it’s concentric <—-marinate on that for a minute.

This is one of those nights where I’d be so content kickin with an adult actress, red lobster biscuits, and some simply raspberry lemonade….you feel me? …………oh…… don’t? fuck you then, hahaha

Where’s Lyla Storm when you need her?

Now I’m sure we’ve all seen and heard about subtweeting, which is already wack as fuck, but I came across something at the end of January that’s even cornier than that (I didn’t even think it was possible)….and that’s third party subtweeting…having somebody else write subliminals for you… definitely the weakest shit ever, haha…. you Plebs have reached new fuckin lows out here. I’m embarrassed for you.

Carrot cake = the devil

shots = hilarious

So pissed i’m not at SXSW right now….. let’s this be a promise that this will be my last year missin that shit.

shout-out to the pretty girls that know their pretty and just chill with it….you pretty bitches be out here trying too hard to be awkward/hipster pretty, ol “oh, I didn’t know that looked good” bitches…..shut the fuck up.

“Basic niggas don’t even qualify for a head nod.”

I never get used to the bad news when it hits the crib…..gets me every time…..damn.

watch what happens when the pawns get taken off the board though…

Corny people can’t teach cool things.

Pershing is gonna fuck around and win a state championship this year.

Crazy how people will maliciously do ho ass shit with the sole reason being to make you unhappy…

male groupies are thee worst.

I’m in that granddaddy smokin on that granddaddy……not really, but that line is too illy.

funny when people do try to accomplish shit only when it’s convenient for them….smh

Practice what you preach

It’s all fun and games till your girl from back from Spring Break and your girl was on the Bangbus….I’m just saying….

No Reservations

Somebody tell Molly Yeh I need some cookies…..that adn schnitzel

When you look at the big picture, it’s amazing how many people will try shit on you and won’t allow to win out here. At the time, looking at the big picture gives one an opportunity to see who’s really there to support….

Europe in the summer……I might just do it.

For Lent, I hope some of you give up acting like hoes and boss up.

All in all, these last couple of months proved to me that if you are a genuine person who stays positive, focused, and progressive, good things will happen, no matter what type of adversity people will try to throw your way….I know it’s cliche as fuck, but it’s so true…believe me.

Golf course tomorrow……. till then.

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